Freeze Out: Interesting Ice Creams from SF

Dwight Eschliman for The New York TimesIn honor of the heat wave, check out this story from New York Times Magazine on Jake Godby, proprietor of Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco.

Godby is doing some strange stuff with ice cream. His most popular flavor is "Secret Breakfast," a mix of Jim Beam and toasted corn flakes. He's also doing proscuitto, peanut butter curry and "Jesus Juice," a blend of Coke and red wine.

He comes off like a true wierdo. The great kind—the variety that leads to some of life's more interesting adventures. I mean, who names their ice cream parlor after two characters from Are You Being Served?

On a local note, last week I had some goat's milk gelato from Capogiro, made with local honey and rosemary. It was a bit funky, but totally delicious.