1BOG: Making Going Solar Easier

There's a new company in town that hopes to make going solar easier for Philadelphians. One Block Off the Grid (1BOG), profiled in this Inquirer story, is a nationwide company that begins operations in Philly today. The company educates it's customers on the solar-installation process and selects a solar company to do their installation. Here's what the piece had to say on 1BOG's genesis:

Llorens, an electrical engineer, founded 1BOG in late 2008, motivated by the customer confusion and reluctance he often encountered while working in the solar industry.

"You've got this hugely complex purchase process, and hugely complex rebates, incentives, and technology," Llorens said in an interview Wednesday.

Llorens said each 1BOG participant was assigned a "solar adviser," who checks out their roof through satellite map technology and explains the benefits of the program, the expected return on investment, and the financial obligations.

Mercury Solar Systems L.L.C. has been chosen for Pennsylvania. For more information on 1BOG, check out their website.