Ride Free: Summer Weekends on the River Drive

There's nothing I love more than hopping on my road bike and taking off to far reaches of the city. Now that I'm back on team bike, I'll take putting foot on peddle over A/C and an automatic transmission any day—even in this steamy weather. So, I'm a huge fan of the 8-mile bike path along Kelly Drive and West River Drive. All the Philadelphians putting the path to good use—whether on bike, roller blades or foot—show that there's a clean and healthy way to enjoy the city.

So, I was happy when a friend of mine reminded me that the West River Drive portion of the bike path expands into the streets on summer weekends; the road is closed to car traffic. I tend to ride on the Kelly Drive side of the path—it feels less congested and bumpy than West River Drive—so it had totally slipped my mind! A bike ride in a relatively smooth street without having to worry about traffic? Nothing's better.

West River Drive is closed to traffic from just behind the Art Museum up to the East Falls Bridge. It's a great ride. So, fill up those tires, tie those running shoes, or grease those skates and enjoy traffic-free weekends on West River Drive this summer.