Hot Flash: How Green is Your Deodorant?

News flash: It's been hot. Really hot. Oh, and muggy too. The whole city has been in a deep schvitz for weeks now—it's like we're living in that movie A Time to Kill. In conditions like this, rolling on deodorant feels a bit like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound, but its good to feel like you're doing something to keep yourself company ready.

So, how green is that stick/spray/weird rollerball thing? Slate parses the issue in the most recent installment of their Green Lantern series ("Illuminating Answers to Environmental Questions"). They come clean on the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants and discuss the controversy surrounding aluminum. They also devote some time to "crystal" underarm products, something I knew nothing about that made me think of this. (I guess all crystals have power; Spencer was right.)