Sweet Medicine: Lancaster Farmacy in the Inquirer

We've told you before about Lancaster Farmacy, the medicinal herb business from Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop's Casey Spacht and his partner Elizabeth Weaver.

The Inquirer recently ran a story on the Farmacy featuring some interesting facts and great recipes:

The land was nearly in full bloom on a hot late-June day, with purple, white, and orange flowers exploding in great bunches. Weaver pointed out a banquet of plants and their uses: chamomile (calming, digestive aid), hyssop (expectorant), calendula (stomach and skin soothing), three kinds of bergamot (soothing, sleep aid, lowers fevers), yarrow (known as "nature's stitches"). There were descriptively named herbs like boneset and feverfew, and numbing buds of spilanthes, also known as Szechuan buttons, which can be used in place of novocaine.

As I've proved, I'll eat anything Spacht tells me to. The dude has some serious knowledge.