Choc Full: Amazing Acres' Quirky Chevre

To continue our Grid contributor blog rundown, Tenaya Darlington (a.k.a. Madame Fromage, now on round three of her monthly cheese column) recently tried a local goat cheese that surprised her: Amazing Acres' chocolate chevre.

Here's what I liked about this chevre: it's not too sweet. It looks like a mini chocolate cheesecake, but it doesn't taste like one—no gooey consistency or cloying aftertaste. The dark chocolate flavor stands out, but it doesn't overpower the goat cheese. You can still taste a little tang. With some cherry preserves and thin almond biscotti, you'd have bliss. I also have fantasies of sandwiching it between two amaretti cookies from Termini Bros. I'd serve it with a glass of Lindemans Framboise—which tastes like liquid raspberries—or some spiked coffee.

Click over for a full rundown in her effusive prose. For more on Amazing Acres, check out this story from Grid's Food Issue.