Park & Ride: Slate Talks Bike Transit Centers

An artist's depiction of the Berkeley Bike StationA few weeks ago, we told you about Slate's Nimble Cities project. Today, the internet mag has published the results from an informal reader poll asking for solutions to contemporary urban transportation issues. One particularly interesting idea involves "bike transit centers":

Thankfully, there's a solution, one that is already being deployed in U.S. cities (and which has been written about in this column): the bike transit center. "These centers," Izzy notes, "also include amenities like lockers, showers, restrooms, bike repair and rental, and accessory retail, making it convenient and feasible to ride a bike for transportation. Bike transit centers placed near public transportation stations become a network, allowing people to ride a bike from home to the train station, park it securely, hop on the train, and rent or share a bike or electric vehicle at the other end of the line to get to work."

I can think of a few places in Philly where this could work—including the entrance to Kelly Drive.