Clothes Line: Sa Va's Upcoming Fashion Show

Sa Va Fashion, Grid cover story subject and badass local, sustainable company, will showcase its summer collection next Saturday in Love Park.

Owner Sarah Van Aken designs and manufactures all her clothes at 1700 Sansom Street, with an emphasis on sustainable fabrics. From the Grid feature:

The boutique’s products all boast elements of sustainability—whether it’s organic, locally-made, fair trade or recycled. A tag on each garment features a checklist of those production details. The clothes themselves are organized in “mini-collections” and categorized by function: Saturday, workday, night out or dress-up. There is something for every occasion.

In the end, style is what sells clothes, but one of the most emotionally resonant effects of the sustainability movement is rediscovering where the objects that populate our lives actually come from. At Sa Va, you don’t need to think about the miles your purchase traveled or how much the people who made it were paid. The workers are upstairs, they have health insurance and the garment came down in the elevator.

6-8 p.m. Saturday, June 19 at Love Park (16th & JFK). Proceeds benefit arts and culture in Fairmount Park.