Recycling: Blue Bin Woes

Last week, I slowly but surely packed up my life and moved it across the city. Conclusion: moving is hard. And I'm sure most can agree that in times of transition tasks like disassembling the queen-size bed become top-priority, while things like recycling can fall to the wayside.

Usually this is a result of busyness, confusion over trash day in the new neighborhood and the added responsibility of needing to venture out to fetch your own recycling bin. When I moved into my first Philly apartment my roommates and I tried crafted our own version of a recycling bin (three separate times) and each effort was stolen. On a couple of occasions we even staged a stake-out in an attempt to catch the recycling bin bandit, but with no luck. We would come home to a trail of bottles and cans leading into the street, and then disappearing—the culprit had emptied it and ran.

So, for the new place, I am determined to get a real blue bin. Here is how:

Individuals may pickup a recycling bin at any Sanitation Convenience Center between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday or at their local recreation center. Only one container per person. Please call first for availability. Residents may also use any sturdy container 20 gallons or less marked with the word "RECYCLING." Community Groups and Block Captains may contact us at 215-686-5595 to request additional buckets.

Also, make sure you're doing it right. The Philadelphia Inquirer recently posted this story on understanding the system. Plus, don't forget about the new Recycling Rewards program—yet another reason to do the right thing.