News: New PA Alternative Energy Bill? Not Yet

Progress with alternative energy in Pennsylvania could end up on the back burner.

According to this Inquirer story, backers for legislation that would force higher alternative energy usage in Pennsylvania are doubtful that it can pass before the General Assembly breaks for its summer recess at the end of the week. 

House Bill 2405 would amend Pennsylvania's 2004 Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act. The measure would raise the amount of solar energy used in Pennsylvania from 0.5 percent to 3.0 percent.

H.B. 2405 is facing opposition mainly from legislators who feel that the measure is an attack on the coal industry. Others believe that alternative energy will cost consumers too much. With mid-term elections looming, a huge portion of legisative time will be devoured. This could delay the passage of H.B. 2405 until early next year.