Iron Agriculture: Garces Buys the Farm

So, Jose Garces might not be doing a Farm-to-Table restaurant this year, but he is getting himself closer to local agriculture. According to Philadelphia Magazine's Restaurant Club, Garces has purchased a farm in Ottsville, just north of Doylestown:

Garces says the farm is a recreational place for him at the moment; a place for he and his family (and perhaps some of his hard-working employees) to relax and get away … but, the Iron Chef never sleeps! Eventually, he plans to grow produce on the property to serve at his restaurants, thereby really putting the farm in the farm-to-table concept.

“I’m really looking forward to doing all of that next year,” he told the Restaurant Club, “We’ll probably build greenhouses. We may do a smokehouse as well. It’s really endless what can be done out there.”