Cat Walk: Sustainable Fashion in Love Park

Earlier this month we told you about Grid cover girl Sarah Van Aken's upcoming fashion show in Love Park. This past Saturday the event was a go, complete with a Grid magazine table chock full of past and present issues. Despite the humid temperature (it was a balmy 83 degrees even at 5 p.m.) the show went off without a hitch.

Love Park is one of Philadelphia's most beloved locales and the perfect backdrop for an event geared towards promoting sustainable living in the city. Plus, the hordes of folks walking through the park or lounging by its fountain equals an instant audience. A crowd began to gather at around 6 p.m., giving them a chance to visit our table as well as the Sustainable Business Network's table to our right. At 7 p.m. the fashion show began to the beat of tribal techno jams from a DJ stationed by the LOVE statue.

Models with teased hair and pastel face paint strutted down the stairs of the park on the left side of the fountain. They wore an eclectic mix of SA VA's creations, from skirts and dresses to blouses and trousers. The common theme of each outfit was conscious and comfortable. There were light, flowing dresses in tribal prints of deep purple, orange and yellow; sheer lace ponchos; forest green trousers and breezy skirts with petal-like layers.

Being sustainable, fashionable and comfortable this summer is as easy as heading to SA VA's shop in Center City (1700 Sansom Street). So what are you waiting for?