Just Planted: UPenn's New Community Garden

Just this year, the University of Pennsylvania established the Penn Garden, an on-campus community garden. The first workday at the garden was June 15, and now that we're entering July, herbs and veggies are popping up. According to the garden's website, arugula, basil, mustard greens, radishes, peppers, tomatoes and eggplants are all growing in the raised beds.

To quote the voice of Penn Garden:

The mission of this garden is to educate the Penn community about urban agriculture and to advocate for environmentally friendly, fair food systems. From an academic perspective, the goal of the garden is to educate students about issues surrounding food including public policy, food systems, and environmental sustainability. In terms of advocacy, the goal of the garden is to personally connect the Penn community to sustainable eating practices and increase understanding of food systems and food justice. These goals will connect the Penn community to the food it consumes and link it to the wider world.

Check out pictures here.