Tea Party: Milk Bottles Find New Life

I've finally figured out something to do with all my old glass milk bottles. Unfortunately, Natural By Nature Coop doesn't work on a bottle deposit/return system, but the beautiful bottles are recyclable. That said, I am always loath to toss them in the bin with the rest of the beer bottles and old newspapers.

Here's one solution: mint tea.

After a thorough wash, I tossed three green tea bags and a sprig of mint from my community garden plot into the bottle. Filled it with hot water, let sit for a few hours, and voila!

Truth be told, this is a great outlet for both my recycling muscle and my iced tea makin' muscle. I love the stuff, and often steep creative combinations. Ginger is excellent (just cut a thumb-sized chunk into quarter inch slices), as are certain herbs (mint, thai basil) and all kinda of citrus. These concoctions just taste like summer.