Green 'Hood: Sustainable 19125's Walk/Bike/Ride Campaign

We’ve been gushing over Sustainable 19125 for quite some time now. The initiative, developed by the Partnership for a Green Community, is on a mission to make 19125 (that’s Fishtown, Olde Richmond and East Kensington) the greenest neighborhood in Philly. As part of that effort, they recently launched of their Walk/Bike/Ride campaign.

The no-car transportation campaign urges residents to ditch their gas guzzling wheels and reduce their carbon footprints by using their own two legs to get around, or hopping on one of Philly’s many modes of public transportation.

19125 has declared every Friday this month a "Car Free Friday." The initiative invites you to “burn calories not gas,” and refuel at participating local bars like Johnny Brenda’s, The El Bar and Kung Fu Necktie who will be offering happy hour specials.