Totally Butch(er): Berlin Reed on Grist

Grist has been running a series called Redefining Green, profiling innovators in sustainability, from politicians to advocates to urban ag entrepreneurs. 

Yesterday subject was Berlin Reed, aka The Ethical Butcher:

Berlin Reed, 27, took an unlikely path through vegetarianism and even "militant" veganism before embracing his new profession whole hog -- literally. He now styles himself The Ethical Butcher. He gets all of his meat from small, local farms and visits every one to meet the farmers and see first-hand how their animals are raised. He's converting people to the cause of sustainable meat through what he callsThe Bacon Gospel, curing bacon with flavors like watermelon-basil and horseradish-lemon-turmeric, as well as through the Heritage Breed Supper Club, where people not only eat well but learn the story behind what they're eating.

The above video shows the boyish Reed breaking down a pig. There is something beautiful about the tenderness and care he puts into his work.