Meaty Matters: Summer Grilling Season Has Arrived

This weekend (Memorial Day!) will be my first of the season at the Jersey Shore. My mom (who lives down there full-time) is abuzz preparing the house for the descending hordes of kids, cousins and friends.

She's stocking the fridge with beer (even going as far as to put me on the phone with the clerk at Fred's in Stone Harbor so she'd be sure to please; oh, moms!) while I'm packing the freezer with a sizable cache of sustainable meat to be consumed over the ensuing weeks.

I'm the only one in my family who really cares about this stuff, so I have to take matters into my own hands.

I was very cave man at the Fair Food Farmstand yesterday, loading my bag up with Country Time Chorizo, Meadow Run Merguez, Eliza's Merguez from Jamison Farm (yes, I have a merguez thing), grass-fed ground beef and grass-fed beef hot dogs. I also grabbed some bacon and butter.

With summer and meat on the brain, I've been getting excited for grilling. Tom Mylan, a Brooklyn butcher, shares his tips for cooking non-traditional cuts over the coals in The Atlantic today. Korean-style short ribs, here I come.

Anyone have any favorite recipes that will be busted out this weekend?

*Update: Bittman talks non-traditional burgers, makes me drool.