Bike vs. Car: The War of Words Continues

There are few issues in this city that get people as worked up as bike-car relations. (Just ask Joey Sweeney at Philebrity.) On Monday, Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky wrote a column criticizing the increasing number of bike lanes in Philadelphia. He also takes the time to question the Bicycle Coalition's bike count methodology. 

Then, today, Bykofsky was involved in an interesting—and at times contentious—live chat with Alex Doty of the Bicycle Coalition. (You can read the replay here.) A short sampling: 

[Comment From Stan Barndt] 

Stu, the reason bikes use the sidewalks is fear of the cars!! C'mon, you know that bad drivers are a huge problem. If the drivers obeyed the rules and didn't react with anger when seeing a cyclist use the road legally, more people would ride on the street.

Alex Doty/Bicycle Coalition: 

Stu, your vision for a internal-combustion-engine-free future is visionary (and far off). Why can't you envision a better future for bikes?

Stan, I don't want to be flip, but get over the fear. Bicyclists have been riding on public streets for decades. I think what's fueling the current controversy more than anything else is a distinctly anti-car attitude I can detect on the part of some, not all, bicyclists. And no motorists should be allowed to get away with any illegal action.