Watch it Grow: Frecon Farm's New Video

Frecon Farms, a Boyertown orchard profiled in Grid's PASA Insert, has launched the first in a series of online videos chronicling the 2010 growing season. Can't wait for those cherries!

It is exciting to see the trees coming to life as spring arrives. Here is what I had to say after visiting the orchard in January:

Just a few minutes up the road from the retail store are the orchards. Rows of trees stretch up a tremendous hill. From the top, you can see the neighboring farms and the expanse of the valley. There is something spectacular about an orchard in winter—rows of gnarled trees mustering their energies for a spring explosion. They are a sea of promise. In the storerooms, the fall’s harvest lies nestled in huge wood crates bearing the “Frecon” stamp.