Buzz Bonanza: Iced Coffee Growlers at Earth Cup

There are quite a few iced coffee fanatics in the Grid offices. OK, two. Me and Ad Sales/Distribution Guru Claire Connelly. We spend far too much time talking about the best options (Good Karma and its extra shot of espresso, Vietnamese versions with sweetened condensed milk, the miracle of simple syrup) and sometimes slip out together for a quick afternoon tipple.

As a resident of the left coast, Claire knows far more about the West Philly iced coffee scene than I do, and this weekend she told me something that made me jealous. Earth Cup (45th and Pine) apparently sells growlers of their chilly, refreshing, fair trade brew. Claire says they "look a bit like a thick wine bottle, with the same growler top." They'll also fill em with iced tea. It's $10.95 for the growler, and around five bucks for a refill.

It sounds like a lovely weekend treat, or an excellent addition to a pot luck brunch.