Standard Tap: A Love Letter

We'll always have bowling...Dear Standard Tap,

Yesterday was the last night of my weekly bowling league at North Bowl. This means we will no longer be having our regular Wednesday evening pre-rolling dates. No more firkins. No more duck salad. No more sitting at the bar, letting the day's stresses wash away in a pint glass of suds.

But we sure went out with a bang, didn't we? That "steak salad"—written on the chalkboard menu with your signature understatement—was simply divine. The bibb lettuce was crisp and verdant, topped with seasonal favorites (slivers of radish, diced carrot) and a zippy vinaigrette. It was the perfect foil for seared flank steak, medium rare, sliced and arranged on a crusty slice of toasted bread. Simultaneously light and hearty, this dish was exactly what I was in the mood for.

Yes, I'll be back on occasion. Weekend dinners—leisurely affairs—will drag on, local beer after local beer, and that sporadic, intense duck salad craving will surely spirit me across the city for a quick post-work bite. But it won't be the same, not really.

Good thing I've already agreed to join the fall league. See ya then.