Media Malfunction: The Inquirer Swings and Missed with Postgreen

This weekend, I found myself in a random debate. The argument was eventually settled with the old adage, "Besides that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

I found that saying drifting into my mind again this morning when I read this Inquirer story on Chad and Courtney Ludeman's new energy-efficient Kensington home.

The story goes something like this: young couple, care about environment, moving to Kensington, learning to make do with less space, love the home. At one point it is mentioned that Chad is a "developer," it is also mentioned that the house was "developed by PostGreen Corp." 

Nowhere is it mentioned that Chad owns Postgreen, and was in fact the developer of this home. (Courtney actually works for the company too.) You can read all about them, the (100K) house and the company in Grid's May cover story.

Now the question becomes, how did this story make it into print?