Have a Heart: Host a Hive

This summer, I’ve decided to take a big step forward and do something that will truly benefit the city I call home. I promise that this act is completely unselfish and that the free pints of honey have nothing to do with my philanthropic decision. I’m adopting…a beehive.

Grid favorite Milk & Honey Market is teaming up with Two Gander Farm to create a honey so sweet and sassy that it could only be created by street smart, jive-talking, urban honey bees. Prepare your taste buds for Summer in the City Honey.

They're in dire need of foster parents to raise these bees right so they don’t end up living on the streets with no hive to call home. Enter Host a Hive. If you have access to a roof or backyard than you too can support this noble cause…and get in on the free honey.

Here's how it works:

-Trey Flemming of Two Gander Farms will bring you your hive in early May and set it up in a backyard or roof area, making sure it is out of the way of kids, pets and neighbors.

-Like any good apiarist, Flemming will drop by your place every three weeks to make sure everything is running smoothly.

-At the end of June, Flemming will remove the hive and thank you for making his hard working bees part of your family for the summer.

-You will beam like a proud parent every time you see Summer in the City Honey for sale at Milk & Honey Market and wherever Two Gander Honey is sold.

-You will use your honey on everything you eat.