Upcoming: Ride with the Dream Team

West Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Bike Works (NBW) is doing truly magical things with bikes (read about director Andy Dyson in the inaugural "Along for the Ride" column). And this July they will be doing it yet again with the Ride of Dreams, a four-day, 240-mile journey across Pennsylvania. The “dream team” will consist mostly of NBW Youth Racing Team members—for many the trip will be their first multi-day biking experience.

Each participant must pay a $75 registration fee to cover ride support, overnight lodging and food, and will have a $500 fundraising goal in an effort to raise much needed funds for the community organization. The overall goal is to raise $10,000 to go towards two new Earn-a-Bike programs this year.

A rough itinerary has been generated for the trip, beginning at the UPenn campus, landing in Harrisburg and looping back around. Overnight stays will be in New Holland, Hershey and Strasburg. Numerous communities and community organizations have contributed to the journey, helping out with meals and lodging. A SAG support vehicle will travel the route as well, delivering sleeping bags and luggage to each end-of-the-day destination. With riders sleeping on floors and sharing their meals potluck-style, the trip is sure to be an intimate one.

Donate dollars or just your time by clicking here.

The 240-mile Ride of Dreams will take place July 17-20. For more information click here.