Yo No: Confessions of a Yogurt Hoarder

OK, so I've talked before about my obsession with Pequea Valley Farm Yogurt, specifically the maple flavor. I know I'm not alone. Evidence! Recently, they're always running low at the Fair Food Farmstand. And often worse than low—OUT. As in, I am OUT OF LUCK. I usually respond by sulking in front of the fridge for a few seconds, looking forlornly at the staff member unlucky enough to be witnessing my childish display.

As the yogurt has grown in popularity, I've evolved. I now know that they get their Pequea delivery on Thursday mornings. I also know that—for some perverse reason—the farmer refuses to give FFF more than one case of maple. (According to Albert Yee, the cherry also goes fast; I wouldn't know nothing about that.) They also don't supply them with maple in the big tubs, only the individual servings. It's a tragic mystery.

This morning I had to root around to find one, but, when I did, he had two friends. I grabbed all three, and joked with Albert that I was going to become a "maple yogurt hoarder." He laughed, but looked slightly concerned.

As luck would have it, Wednesday through Saturday there is another place that sells this yogurt—the Amish Dairy/Juice place along the North Wall. Legend has it that they sometimes carry maple in the larger tubs. I think I glimpsed one once, fleeting and beautiful.

Today, already toting my three small yogurts, I decided to go take a look. Just stroll by. What's the harm? Might as well check. It's on my way anyway...

And there it was.

You can't spy a unicorn without wanting to take it for a ride.