Sweet Relief: Manayunk Brewery's Hive Honey IPA

Last night I tried a local beer that I really loved. I had some time to kill before my bowling league (yeah, you heard me right), so I sidled up the bar at Standard Tap for a pre-game tipple. They had Manayunk Brewery's Hive Honey IPA in a firkin. After asking the bartender if it was any good—and being offered a taste; I love that place—I spent the next 20 minutes thoroughly enjoying the hoppy, slight-sweet brew (made with raw local honey). It was an easy drinker, and the most gorgeous, mildly cloudy color.

Manayunk Brewery is not a brand I'm very familiar with, but the bartender mentioned that, after years of mediocrity, they've recently been producing some interesting stuff. The Honey IPA hit the spot for me.

The brewery (along with two dozen others) will participating in this year's annual Manayunk Brew Fest on Saturday, April 24. The theme is "Hopfest 2010." Click here for tickets ($45).