Egged On: File This Under "Blerg"

No, McDonald's will not be moving away from battery-cage eggs:

The board of directors of McDonald’s has recommended that the company’s shareholders vote against a proposal to require that 5 percent of the eggs purchased for the chain’s restaurants in the United States be the cage-free variety.

I guess the company feels like if they budge, its a slippery slope (towards a healthier and more humane world; danger!). This post on Green Inc. did lead me to some new knowledge:

McDonald’s had committed itself to going 100 percent cage-free by the end of 2010 for all its European operations. (The European Union passed a law that bans conventional battery cages starting in 2012).

Hey American, if large blocs of enlightened countries are banning something, we probably shouldn't be doing it either. Just a thought.