Green Geek-Out: Will Allen. WILL ALLEN.

Will Allen, in sleeves for a formal occasionYou might have noticed that the Griddle was a bit quiet on Friday. No, we didn't spend the day picking out our outfits for Saturday—Alex and I were attending PHS and ILSR's Compost Matters Seminar in West Philly.

It was a great day of speakers featuring farmers, advocates and innovators. And the star of the show—keynote speaker, sustainability rock star—was definitely Will Allen (WILL ALLEN!), CEO of Growing Power in Milwaukee. 

Grid managed to snag a few minutes with the towering (literally) figure after his talk. For me, interviewing this man—someone I had read about and admired for years—was a real career/life highlight. The thrill was great enough that I had a major geek moment, and asked him if he'd take a picture with me. He happily obliged.

Look forward to my interview with Allen in an upcoming issue of Grid.