Upcoming: Philadelphia Courteous Mass

I know all you Griddle readers will be heading to Yards Brewing Company next Saturday for the big Grid One Year Anniversary Party, but you might be looking for a morning activity.

Show all those bike haters who's boss by, um, being nice and, eh, following the rules of the road. This casual, "semi-organized" ride—dubbed Courteous Mass—will wind through the streets of Philadelphia, celebrating the growth of cycling in the city.

Date: Saturday, April 10
When: 10am 
Where: Meet at the Locust Street crossing of the Schuylkill River Trail (25th and Locust)
Distance: 1 hour 
Who: ALL RIDERS!!! (helmets are highly recommended)

More details below or here.

Courteous Mass is an effort to change the tone of recent debates about bicycling and bicyclists in Philadelphia. Bicyclists who join this ride are asked obey the rules of the road. Courteous Mass provides an opportunity for all bicyclists to demonstrate that sharing the road is a two way street requiring action on the part of all road users.

Courteous Mass Guidelines:
• Stop at all stop lights
• Stop at all stop signs
• Use hand signals when turning
• Be as friendly as possible to all road users throughout the ride (bring your bells!!)

Riders will be provided the route for the ride on Saturday morning. 

Because riders will obey the rules of the road on this ride, participants will naturally spread out as the ride proceeds. Enjoy the morning with the knowledge that there are bicyclists spread for blocks ahead of you and behind you all in an effort to bridge the gap between motorists, pedestrian and cyclists.

Please help raise awareness of the growing number of cyclists in the city. Let’s make this a celebratio. Invite your friends to come along too!