May Teaser: Water Heater Wars

The May issue of Grid is being put to bed as I type. You can look forward to stories on Postgreen's 100K House, Daisy organic flour and local brewpubs.

You'll also be able to read all about water heaters—different models, energy concerns, cost discrepancies and how to decide which type is best for your home. The New York Times' Green Inc. blog has decided to wet your whistle for all that exciting knowledge with a report on new energy efficiency standards for water heaters and other appliances. The Department of Energy regulations could save consumers up to $10 billion over 30 years while cutting greenhouse gas emissions:

The new standards would raise the cost of a water heater by about $120 but would save $143 over the life of the appliance, according to the Energy Department. With the revised efficiency standards, the Energy Department estimates that carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by 164 million metric tons over 30 years, or the same as eliminating 46 million cars for one year.