Speech Therapy: Local Spoken Word Artists Spread the UnLitter Message

The City of Philadelphia Streets Department announced its UnLitter Us movement today, a city-wide effort to create a litter free Philadelphia. Rather than your traditional “Please Don’t Litter” poster, the initiative will use the words of local spoken word artists to spread the message. Revealing that we truly are living in a multimedia world, the artists will broadcast their talents and the anti-litter message on a variety of platforms including TV, radio, web and public transit. The hope is that the UnLitter Us movement will motivate people to take action in the digital world and on their very own blocks.

 Read the full press release after the jump.

03.29.2010 – Today, the Philadelphia Streets Department announced the launch of UnLitter Us- a sustained initiative and movement to rid Philadelphia of litter and create clean, beautiful and safe blocks. UnLitter Us utilizes the words and inspiration of local spoken word artists to unveil the beauty of Philadelphia and spur action among all residents to cleanup the city and build a litter free Philadelphia.

“With UnLitter Us, we are addressing the problem of litter head-on,” said Streets Commissioner Clarena I.W. Tolson. “Through the use of spoken word artists and comprehensive community programs, we aim to inspire pride and action in all Philadelphians to join the movement for a litter free city.”

The spoken word artists perform original poems that express their frustration with litter and their dream of seeing it stopped. Their powerful voices will turn apathy into action. Their words are featured in UnLitter Us messages on TV, radio, web and public transit that debut across the city today.

UnLitter Us encourages all Philadelphia residents to join the movement- both on their block and in the digital world. UnLitter Us lives on Facebook (facebook.com, search for UnLitter Us Philly), Twitter (@unlitterus), YouTube (youtube.com, search for UnLitter Us) and the Streets Department’s new website (streetsdepartment.com). These social media sites provide city residents with a platform to share how they feel about litter and tell others what they are doing to address the problem where they live. The UnLitter Us TV and radio spots can be viewed by visiting any of these online platforms.

UnLitter Us is a sustained effort that will include extensive community outreach- block by block- to educate and create awareness of the City’s litter problem and to generate momentum to facilitate change. The Philadelphia Streets Department will work closely with community leaders to bring UnLitter Us to the ground level, showing Philadelphia residents specific ways to do away with litter- and keep it away. Various planned programs include anti-litter seminars, Litter Free Zones, Litter Free School Zones, anti-litter rallies, business ambassador programs and an expansion of the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee’s (PMBC) Clean Block program.

For more information on UnLitter Us and the various community programs, please visit www.philadelphiastreets.com or the UnLitter Us Philly Facebook Page. UnLitter Us interview requests with Streets Department officials should be made directly to Holly Mantle at 215-825-9633 / hmantle@levlane.com or Francesca Gunning at 215-825-9624 / fgunning@levlane.com.