Seasonal Affective Disorder: Attack of the Killer Tomato

Tomatoes from Happy Cat Organics, taunting meSometimes I develop these food fixations. (If you ever catch me looking off into the distance and sighing I'm probably thinking about the spring rolls at Nam Phuong.) This has only gotten worse since I started making a big effort to eat more seasonally. I spend far too much of my time thinking about things I like to eat, and when I'll finally get to eat them again.

Now that it's March, I've found myself scowling at the Fair Food Farmstand's apples—sick of the sight of 'em! And I actually did an image search for strawberries the other day, the equivalent of facebook stalking an ex who's about to return to town.

This is all just a round-about way to talk about what I'm fixated on this week: BLTs. Ever since visiting the farm for the PASA insert (featured in March's Grid), I've been a loyal purchaser of Country Time Farm's bacon. If the supply in the fridge is running low, then there's probably a packet of porky goodness headed for the freezer.

Since my intense relationship with this bacon started in December, I haven't been able to make a BLT with it yet. This is driving me insane. And, unlike the imminent strawberries, tomatoes don't come home on break from Corn College until summer is in full swing. Blerg. 

So, what special seasonal favorites are you looking forward to? Asparagus on the grill? Peaches with Pequea Valley Yogurt? Corn sauteed with garlic, shallots and...wait for it...bacon!?