Rack 'Em: Street Department Takes Suggestions

With each passing day, Philadelphia is becoming increasingly bike friendly. But, as a biker myself, I can attest to the fact that we still have many a need: bike lanes, clean bikes lanes and plenty of places where our unassuming units of transport can be secured following dismount, to name a few.

While the streets can be a scary place, the Philadelphia Streets Department is on our side! Until March 31, the Streets Department is accepting requests under the Adopt-a-Bike-Rack Program. Since Mayor Nutter took office, the Department has already installed over 1,400 bike racks around the city. Those who'd like to see a bike rack in front of their home or business can go here to fill out a request form. (Click on "Bike Racks" under the heading "Other.")

Submitting a request does not necessarily mean that a rack will be installed. The Department will consider the need for bike parking as well as proximity of bike racks to one another in selecting locations for the program. Racks are expected to be installed fall 2010.