Porked: Early Morning Marinations

iPhone camera to the rescueI don't usually spend my mornings marinating giant slabs of meat in dry rub, but there's a first time for everything. Friday potlucks are tough—there isn't really time to do anything too ambitious. Luckily, I found a helper willing to toss my pork shoulders into the over around mid-day today (they need six hours). I'm spending my day up in Lancaster at the Annville Mill. By the time I get home tonight, my meat should be fall-apart tender...I hope. This is a first time recipe for me. Also, as you can see, my large roasting pan has made a run for it, and I had to improvise.

The pork shoulders themselves came from Whole Foods (they were tapped out of Country Time at Fair Food, I was so devastated that I made the employees feel awkward). I was actually surprised at the amount of local meat they had at the store on South St. These came from Meadow Run, a great local, sustainable farm in Lititz.

I'll make sure to give everyone an update on the results on Monday.