March Madness: Grid's Latest Issue is Online

The digital version of March's Grid is up.

We're really excited about our latest installment. The issue features our inaugural House & Home package as well as a special 16-page insert, created in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA).
In Farmbook 2010 you'll meet inspiring PASA members working to bring delicious, local, sustainably-raised food to our community. Offering everything from artisanal cheese to heirloom seeds to seasonal produce, these farmers and businesses will have you rearranging your routine to buy local.
House & Home 2010: Noble Salvage highlights designers, artists, craftspeople and salvagers who work with reclaimed and reused material. Using what we already have is the greenest choice of all--and the work of these amazing locals proves that the results can be spectacular!

Hard copies of the magazine hit the streets this past weekend, so keep an eye out!