Vetri, Osteria and Amis

Marc Vetri has been using Country Time Pork in his restaurants’ dishes for over 10 years, ever since the day Paul Crivellaro walked into his kitchen. The Berks County pigs make their way into the sausages and charcuterie at Vetri and Osteria, and will eventually be used at the brand new Roman trattoria Amis.
“They’re just great people,” says Osteria head chef Jeff Michaud. “They take a lot of care in what they do, and do it the artisanal way. The meat is so good that we’ve done carpaccio with the stuff, and nobody would ever think of doing that with pig.”

Every three or four months, Michaud and his team at Osteria get a whole 300-pound pig from Country Time, and turn it into salami, proscuitto and lardo. They also get weekly deliveries of pork shoulders for fresh sausage. The quality of the meat really shines in their simple, soulful Italian cooking.

Vetri, Osteria and Amis, Marc Vetri, Jeff Michaud, Jeff Benjamin, Vetri: 1312 Spruce St., 215-732-3478,; Osteria: 640 N. Broad St., 215-763-0920,; Amis, 412 S. 13th St., 215-732-2647,