Snap to It: Art in the Age Goes On Sale

Here at Grid, we love SNAP. The bottle featured in the Holiday Guide has been quietly nipped at for the last few weeks. It's the perfect winter weather spirit—and would make a great gift, especially for out of towners.

Well, fortunately for you (and us, and boozehounds everywhere), SNAP—and it's cousin ROOT; also excellent—are on sale for the whole month of December

Here's what we had to say about the spicy libation in last month's Grid:

Based on an old Mennonite gingersnap recipe—passed down through Art in the Age owner Steve Grasse’s mother—SNAP is a bottle full of spicy goodness. Though vanilla and cinnamon are strong on the nose, this local spirit drinks more like whiskey, with an intense ginger kick. Produced in small batches with organic ingredients, SNAP is delicious paired with apple cider, dropped into pumpkin beer (Pumpkin Bombs!) or stirred into hot coffee. Grasse also recommends a cocktail of SNAP, bourbon and ginger ale (with a squeeze of lime). Frankly, the brown elixir is satisfying enough all on its own—though you won’t catch us passing on a glass of SNAPnog this holiday season.