Gifted: Boozy Soaps from Duross and Langel

Apparently we run in the same circles as Philebrity—right around the time they were posting this endorsement for Duross and Langel's beer soaps, we were perusing the 13th Street shop for some standout suds.

Ever since my visit to Spotted Hill Farm, I've been hooked on all-natural soaps. Donna Howard sent me off with a bunch of bars to photograph (and sample), and I recently worked by way through the last one—the colorfully-named "Dragon's Blood." My skin has never felt better.

On Tuesday, I walked away from Duross and Langel with a bar of red clover soap (super mild, no dyes). But, if I had been in the gifting mood (read: celebrated Christmas), those beer soaps would have been my primary purchase. Great last-minute gift alert!

They had bars made with Victory Hop Devil, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale and (if I remember correctly) PBC's Winter Wunder. A great choice for the locavore or beer lover in your life.