Coffee Shot: A Buzz-Worthy Weekend

Shot Tower Coffee in Bella VistaThis past weekend, I checked a few things off my to-do list: visit 1 Shot Coffee's new No Libs location (and sample those baked eggs with tomato sauce); stop by my neighborhood's new Shot Tower Coffee (6th and Christian); and watch the Eagles humiliate the Giants. Check, check and check.

1 Shot and Shot Tower share more than just similar names—both have tapped a rustic, charming aesthetic with a serious emphasis on salvage. 1 Shot gets extra points for covet-worthy wallpaper, especially in the lovely upstairs. And both serve Stumptown coffee.

Those baked eggs in smoky tomato sauce were as delicious as I wanted them to be, especially with a side of spicy merguez. I sopped up the yolky, tangy goodness with some crusty baguette. 

But Shot Tower has won an even more special place in my heart with it's 8 oz. coffee option. 8 oz.! For $1.25!! I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to caffeine—my desk is often a minefield of 1/3-full cups. This pour is perfect. And, as if that wasn't enough to make my Sunday morning, Tom Culton was giving away heirloom garlic at the final Headhouse Market of the season.

Meal Ticket got inside both spaces and snapped some great shots. Check out 1 Shot here, and Shot Tower here