Local Culture: Meet the Cheesemaker at Fair Foo

Very young Birchrun BlueOn Friday, December 17 (4 - 6 p.m.), Fair Food will host their final Meet Your Local Cheesemaker Happy Hour of the year.

Here are details, courtesy of the Farmstand's Paul Lawler:

The Miller family of Birchrun Hills Farm have been handcrafting some of the Philly area's most uniquely-flavored cheeses for some time. These include the creamy and dreamy Birchrun Blue, the eau-de-sock-and-sautéed-mushrooms stinker Fat Cat and the petite but potent Red Cat.

Neighbor and friend Bill Covaleski of Victory Brewing Company is carpooling with Sue, matching his strong brews with her strong cheeses. Expect Storm King Stout, Old Horizontal Barleywine and Golden Monkey, all perfect ways to fortify before for a chilly Friday night out.

Just in for this event, we'll have a couple limited edition delights from Birchrun:

Clipper, a limited edition (like as in only a wheel or two, folks) aged cheese with a hard toothsome texture and profound concentrated flavour. Loaded with flavors of butterscotch, peppercorn and clove, this one would be a perfect gift cheese for the beloved cheesehead in your life. Tie it up with a bottle of Barbaresco or barleywine and it'll be holiday to remember. Aged-out cheeses are rare in our region so snatch this one up!

For Red Cat and Fat Cat fans we've got Thunder Cat! This is Sue's stinker Red Cat treated with a careful wash of Victory's Baltic Thunder porter.

And for your holiday entertaining needs, we'll have Sue's new spreads. Birchrun's Honey & Sea Salt Spread or Garlic & Sun Dried Tomato Spread will make an instant and delicious appetizer for any of your holiday parties.

For more on Birchrun Hills Farm, check out this profile from last year's PASA Farmbook. And look forward to February's Cheese of the Month Column; Tenaya takes on Birchrun Blue.