It's (Big) Easy Being Green: Urban Ag in NOLA

The Atlantic has an inspirational (and incredibly detailed) story on urban farming in New Orleans after Katrina. Even more so than Philadelphia, the Big Easy is contending with an abundance of vacant land—and complex food access issues. Urban agriculture has the potential to be a vital element of tackling those problems:

Enter the next generation of urban farmers, most of whom operate through the New Orleans Food and Farm Network (NOFFN). NOFFN had launched prior to Katrina, planting its first food gardens in NOLA's Hollygrove neighborhood days before the storm. Post-Katrina, the dire lack of food in the city compelled NOFFN to switch gears; the group made national headlines with its DIY food maps of the city in the weeks after the storm. More recently, the group has gotten its hands dirty in the Big Easy's soil: planting farms, launching markets, and even training new farmers in the business of urban gardening.

The story has a rundown of the city's top five most promising projects.