Cabbage Patch Kid: A Quick Veggie Side Dish

When it comes to food, I can be a bit of an old lady. I love brussels sprouts and chicken liver mousse, and I especially love cabbage. Boil it, saute it, shave it in a slaw, and I'll gobble it up.

On Monday, I picked up a sad discount Savoy cabbage from the Fair Food Farmstand. Actually, I didn't think it looked all that sad—and once I had removed the outer leaves, the head's beautiful ridges looked downright perky.

I started a skillet with some olive oil, and added a small handful of sliced garlic (two huge cloves). Once they got slightly toasty, I added the cabbage (it had been roughly sliced), and gave it a few minutes to deflate and get a bit brown in places. After a couple minutes, I threw on a few shakes of sherry vinegar (for acid; white wine would probably work too) and a couple glugs of chicken stock (veggie would work too). I let the cabbage braise for a few more minutes, making sure not to overcook—a little crunch is key. It goes (almost) without saying, that I seasoned with salt and pepper throughout. 

This dish was excellent—and a big health bomb packed with fiber, vitamin C and amino acids. Anyone have any ideas for the other half of my head? Jamie Oliver likes cabbage almost as much as I do, andthis sounds simple and easy (plus, I have bacon in the fridge), as does this.