Heels on Wheels: Bike Fashion

Elizabeth Lippman for The New York TimesI have a bizarre obsession with bogus trend stories. This particular one—from faux trend central, The New York Times—talks about the rise of stylish female cyclists:

Roadways are the new runways for these style-obsessed cyclists, their bikes no mere conveyance but a racy adjunct to their look. More than a few are infusing what used to be an athletic, or purely practical, pursuit with eye-catching glamour and sex appeal. Their style, a modish amalgam of fashion and function, is documented on blogs and emulated by like-minded sisters on wheels. Their enthusiasm is fueling an uptick in business among independent merchants.

The whole piece really tickled me. I ride my bike in whatever I plan on wearing when I get to my final destination—though my preferred mode of transportation might be one reason you'll rarely find me in heals. Silliness aside, more bikers (no matter how chic) is always better.