Sound Off: Hearing Scheduled on Manatawna Farm

Grid's October issue featured a report on the drama surrounding Manatawna Farm in Roxborough. Writer and urban farmer Nic Esposito ran through the plans—and the unexpected controversy—surrounding opening the land to small-scale commercial agriculture:

The proposed project—destined for five acres of Fairmount Park land, satisfying a portion of the Mayor’s Greenworks Plan—would provide ten half-acre plots, a communal tool shed, equipment, a harvest station and fencing. The City received many innovative proposals for the site, ranging from a small-scale composting service to a farming cooperative that would sell to markets and restaurants. Despite all of this positive energy, the RFI has inspired surprisingly forceful opposition, stalling the project and threatening its future.

Now, according to Greengrow Farms' blog, you have a chance to voice your support: On Wednesday, October 20, at 10 a.m. in City Hall, Room 400, there will be a hearing on the proposed ordinance amending Title 14, Bill #100498. Click through for details.