Making It Happen: Alexis Rosenzwieg

This popped! creator and organizer admits that today’s music festivals aren’t exactly sustainable endeavors, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying. At last summer’s festival, each recycling station was managed by a volunteer who informed festival-goers about proper recycling. Businesses and organizations were discouraged from passing out flyers and encouraged, instead, to present their information through alternative methods. Some vendors used informational videos, some text messaging and others promoted themselves through contests and giveaways. Production and sound companies, as well as all employees, were Philadelphia-based. “Sustainability, to me, is not just recycling and using less energy,” Alexis explains. “It’s also taking a big look at your lifestyle and focusing more on your local community.”
Accessible by public transportation, POPPED! offered nutritious local foods, responsible water bottle disposal and local vendors. Alexis believes that integrating sustainability is ongoing, but very possible. Next year’s plan includes investigating alternative energy sources, such as solar-powered stages and biodiesel generators, developing POPPED! recycling bins (which will be made available to other events for rental or purchase) and continuing to focus on the best Philadelphia has to offer. “It just takes time to build every year on your efforts,” Alexis says.