Handmade Holiday: Brewing Beer

Amaze your friends and brew your own

Featured Store: Home Sweet Homebrew 2008 Sansom St.

Philadelphia's first brewery was erected in 1683, and by 1793, Philadelphia was producing more beer than all the other seaports in the country. That tradition lives on today in our award-winning local breweries and a growing number of enterprising homebrewers doing it for themselves.

Local homebrewing headquarters Home Sweet Homebrew provides DIY brewers with all the tools and necessary to produce their own ales, lagers and hefeweizens. George Hummel, an award-winning brewer, has operated the Sansom Street store with his wife Nancy for almost 20 years. They’re experts in everything beer.

Home Sweet Homebrew’s beginner’s kit ($69.95) includes brewing instructions, a beer recipe and all the supplies required to make your first five gallons of beer. From there, all you need, according to Hummel is, “two afternoons of work and three or four weeks of patience.”

For product listings and homebrewing tips, visit homesweethomebrew.com.