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The Living Forest - New Knowledge about the Forest

Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, 100 E Northwestern Ave

Scientists are hard at work uncovering fascinating new information about how forests function and the lives of the organisms that live within them. During this talk for tree lovers, ecologist and author Joan Maloof will share some of the latest findings from the forest. She will also share her passion and ideas about saving these complex ecosystems. Preserving oldgrowth forests enables us to learn more, enjoy more, and maintain biodiversity for the future. If you’ve ever felt the call to help save forests, but didn’t know where to begin, Maloof will help inspire and guide you. Joan Maloof is a writer, an ecologist and a conservationist. She has a doctorate in ecology and taught biological sciences and environmental studies. Her books include Teaching the Trees (2005), Among the Ancients (2011), and Nature’s Temples: the Complex World of Old-Growth Forests (2016). In addition to her research and writing, she founded the Old-Growth Forest Network, an organization with the goal of creating a network of protected forests across the U.S.

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