We've Reached Our Goal!

by Alex Mulcahy

I'm pleased to announce that Grid reached its goal of 500 subscribers by June 30. Woo-hoo! On behalf of everyone who works on Grid, I'd like to express our sincere and complete gratitude for the support. So many people coming out of the woodwork in our hour of need. I'm speechless.

This is a great start, but Grid is by no means out of the woods. Like everyone else in the media world, we are tasked with continuing to evolve editorially while simultaneously securing new revenue streams. 

I'm cautiously optimistic that we can, with a lot of hard work, pull it off. But I can tell you for sure that we wouldn't be trying right now if we didn't see the support from the community. If you like what we do and haven't subscribed yet, it isn't too late. We will continue to lean on you for support and guidance while we figure out the best ways to serve the community.

Six At-Large City Council candidates explain their views on sustainability

by Jillian Baxter

On April 24th, PennFuture and the Clean Air Council co-sponsored an environmental forum for City Council At-Large candidates at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. With over 30 candidates running for Philadelphia’s seven at-large seats, following the policy goals of each is a daunting task. The forum was meant to show voters which candidates prioritize the many environmental issues that threaten the city. Only six candidates attended the forum- Ogbonna Hagins, Justin Diberardinis, Drew Murray, Adrian Riviera-Reyes, Joe Cox, and Beth Finn.

Here’s what they talked about.

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