Philly Maker Week

Wed., Sept. 17 through Sun., Sept. 21. 

Food For Thought: Eating in Season

Thurs., Sept. 18, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m

Bike Ride on the Schuylkill River Trail

Sat., Sept. 20 through Sun., Sept. 21






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Water your gardening skills and watch them grow: A Spring Gardening Events Calendar

Illustration by Faye Rogers.Gardening can be rife with emotional highs and lows. For the novice gardener, the hopes held by a trove of seedlings can be dashed by watching the tiny plants wither and fade, despite one’s best attempts. More seasoned gardeners may bask in the glow of pride, having achieved success with planting, potting and pruning, but the ever-present threats of weeds, destructive insects and plant diseases can cause serious damage to prized patches of green. And for serious gardeners, a shining skill set can become dull if it plateaus; and ultimate garden fantasies, once so promising, can feel like failures if unrealized. No matter where you fall on the gardener spectrum—from houseplant killer to orchid whisperer—there is a garden-specific workshop or program out there to teach, refresh and inspire. Philadelphians are lucky to have so many great resources in our region that offer educational opportunities year-round for the budding green thumb in all of us.

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Winter League: Buying club makes it easy to eat local all year round

Buying local food can be challenging in the winter. Maybe you missed the sign-up window for a winter CSA, and farmers markets have packed up until spring. But since 2001, Farm to City’s Winter Harvest buying club has been helping to bridge the gap.

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Ripe Ideas: Natural deodorant can take the heat

When Carly Dougherty was enrolled in a culinary program in Berkeley, California, she spent a lot of time hustling in a hot commercial kitchen. When she complained to a few chef colleagues that her natural deodorant couldn’t stand up to her newfound stinkiness, they let her in on a secret: they made their own deodorants at home that were super effective.

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Scraps of Hope: UCD initiative fights food waste and hunger

Grand opening of the Dirt Factory, June, 2012Each month, the average household in Philadelphia puts more than 200 pounds of trash out for curbside pickup — much of it food waste. Thanks to an innovative food recycling program, residents of University City are working to reduce that amount.

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Ribbon Cutting: Reusable cotton gift bags keep waste to a minimum 

For Haverford entrepreneur Isabelle Vesey, the holidays are a time to get creative. “I always really liked wrapping presents,” says Vesey, “but all that paper is just going to end up in a trash bag.” 

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