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Raising The Roof: Three Philadelphia hotels take advantage of their rooftops to grow edible gardens

Illustration by Faye Rogers.If you’re sitting at the bar at the Sofitel Hotel this summer, you might experience this scenario: After scanning the cocktail menu, you order a mojito, the perfect drink to celebrate a bright afternoon. The first sip is an explosion of flavor—like the rum, lime and mint are dancing a conga line in your mouth. The bartender explains that the mint was picked that very morning from the rooftop garden a dozen floors above your head—about as local as it gets. 

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Blackbird Pizzeria serves up 100 percent vegan pizzas 

There once was a time in Philadelphia when being vegan meant scanning menus for animal-free options and, all too often, settling for a salad. But times have changed. Blackbird Pizzeria, a small shop at 6th and Lombard, serves a 100 percent vegan menu of sandwiches, wings, salads and pizzas.

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Student-run granola bar enterprise offers healthy snacks with a unique business model 

In a world full of processed foods, it’s rebellious to make healthy snacks and encourage mindful consumption. At least that’s the idea behind Rebel Ventures, a socially conscious business run by young entrepreneurs with funding from University of Pennsylvania’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships. Rebel Ventures’ main business is the making and selling of granola bars called Rebel Bars.

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Just Say Gnocchi: Spring produce wakes up even the most tired of winter staples

By the time April rolls around, local foods are in a sorry state: Potatoes are beginning to sprout, long-neglected cabbages continue to be ignored, and turnips wore out their welcome back in February. But then spring sashays in, as much of a tease as ever. Crunch returns to our plates in the form of delicate lettuces and greens, then again in the sharpness of scallions and the sweetness of peas. Bright red radishes, peeking their rosy shoulders through the soil, must surprise even the farmers. 

The following recipes bridge the seasons. Fresh chard adds a punch to the roasted root sweetness in a hash, which works just as well at brunch as it does served in tortillas for dinner. A crunchy salad of spicy radishes, juicy kohlrabi, apple, cabbage and fresh peas is a refreshing change from grocery store spring mix. Gnocchi is a project, but it makes the noblest end for potatoes past their prime and, served simply with brown butter and lemon, allows fresh asparagus—the truest indicator that spring has arrived—to shine. 

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The Art of the Meal: Students learn the relationship between food and art from Philadelphia’s top chefs

Chef Eli Collins of Pub & Kitchen describes the ingredients in his still life and how they are used in his signature dish. Image by Mike Persico.

As a new art teacher, it felt natural for Deva Watson, also a food runner at Zahav and a server at Pub & Kitchen, to bring the restaurant model of focus and discipline—what she calls a “quiet intensity”—to her classroom at the Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School. Watson’s connection with the tight-knit community of Philadelphia’s food industry is also part of what has made her crusade to expand the cultural, educational and culinary horizons of her students so successful. 

Watson was finding a disconnect between the study of many traditional art subjects and what her students could relate to, which was only compounded by the lack of funding for resources and materials. And so, drawing again on her own experiences outside of the classroom, she introduced them to food-inspired still life masterpieces.

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